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Had a note from Neil Blair this morning inviting us to lunch as they are on the Cape! Alas, we are with family. And to think they are going to be in Wellfleet—it’s a bit weird. I had put together some suggestions for them for visiting Boston, where they’re looking at schools with their kid; but I had no idea they would be visiting the Cape. Neil’s aunts own an inn in, he always said Chatham, but it’s really Harwich, says Neil’s cousin, Chris, whom we met at Cipriani. I asked is it on Pleasant Bay and Chris said it’s called the Pleasant Bay Inn. So yeah. So odd when friends who live in foreign countries show up in your town when you’re not there. Not ha-ha funny but you know. Watching Tracy Ullman this morning she had a brilliant skit about being overly woke; which rang so true. One of the things was just watch Friends without being triggered by the homophobia and the heteronormality. It’s really funny that came up since we binge-watched old episodes last night upon our return.

Today was a big catch-up day though I did do some maintenance on the Brian front. Nancy Bauer, the dean of SMFA got back to me and I’m hoping there is a way we can make this all happen. My drothers would be to partner with them and have them be the hosting venue. In any case my mind is pretty well centered on this new Moveable Festival and all that it can be, based in Boston, with big donors at the ready. The work entailed in going for that is the same as needs to happen in any case. The trick is to keep everything very simple and just go from point to point in the process of what needs to happen. I may be wrong but I think Nancy gets that part from our previous conversations. She got the group mailer I put out and responded. I do understand that Bri had fanbase come to Oberon but….I’m going to disagree with him here.

Even in the case of Boston I think it is about new outreach, specifically going super queer—and I’m thinking Fenway, “Machine” people, JP world and maybe going really deep in LGBTQ in terms of “community outreach” as well as the entire student LGBTQ population in Boston reaching out to all the schools organizations. Also as alternative to a venue in Provincetown where Glow can be lead presenter, we could do our lead presentation in Boston. The prob with Ptown is hard to rent place on season and off season nobody is around. And there are no kids or schools. The Oberon crowd being fanbase is fine. We would be looking for new audience for Bri in Boston i think.

To be able to keep (S)MFA in the picture and who knows maybe they will donate the space. I think we would approach this completely differently from the Oberon show. It’s like I told Nancy: There are two basic ways to go about this. Or three actually, depending on your own goals and needs

We could simply make a plan to present the show at SMFA for one night or a couple/few outside of the NEFA equation. Like we have in the past other places, and figure out the $ bit. In the case of Endicott and other schools that have budget for this we could come up with a flat fee and then SMFA could take all the ticket money. Or we could come up with a split of sorts with a guarantee.

The way the NEFA grant works we have a couple of options….

The way the grant works is that Afterglow (actually working under Glow aegis) will produce a tour and, as the lead presenter, also produce one of the runs of said tour. What we’ve learned with the touring grant is that we are unique in that most lead presenters have brick and mortar; so, in the case of Glow we would be present at some place we rent in say our home base of Provincetown; and then we have to secure two other “partner presenters” each of which apply directly (very little paper work) to NEFA to present the piece. It’s almost like a matching grant in that the artists get the NEFA money directly which is typically around or near the same amount that the venue would be investing in the artist/show—the finessing of which I’m now learning. And then venue keeps all the proceeds which further offset the investment.

The third way this can happen is that the Glow, as lead producer, could present at SMFA and in effect “rent” (either really or you could donate that rent back to us) and simply be our brick and mortar for what would be the lead presentation on the tour. This way you wouldn’t have to be a partner per se and have to deal with any of the NEFA bit yourself. You would simply be the space but we can certainly trumpet SMFA in the process of our own partnership.

So there are a number of ways to slice and dice!


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