Cancer 16° ((July 8)

Aquarius Man


If the previous sign of Capricorn is all about a past worth preserving, Aquarius is the unwritten future, a time-space from where Aquarian man seems to have been sent. He will be regarded in his youth, distinguished in his family, as being different from the rest. His is a unique brand of signature high intelligence which mightn’t conform to conventional standards; and he tends to latch on to specific areas of interest, typically new, groundbreaking ones, where he can play a part in pioneering a field. In this way he is unpredictable; otherwise, he is a creature of routine, though one which might be considered unusual, working odd hours or otherwise marching to the beat of his own drummer. He will have many aquaintances, or what is more accurately termed followers, but very few close friendships. He may be something of an outlier, and buck whatever system he was brought up in. Whether on a hippy, spiritual or techie type of trip, he finds comfort in the company of other fringe or niche dwellers. Frequently suffering from ugly-duckling syndrome, this awkward geek, more often than not, matures into an alluring and rather imposing figure. Appearances being deceiving, he will always possess a deep sensitivity, a gooey center of vulnerability. More often than not, though, he will adopt a countenance of detachment or even a cliqueish disdain toward others, on high alert for getting hurt in relationships, which tended to be a source of even mild trauma in his youth.

The sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, named for the primordial sky god, that of the univere (space). Uranus means to rain or to urinate which shares the same etymology. It’s assignation to the sign of the Water Bearer is thus thematically in line. Uranus was castrated by his son Cronus (Saturn), and from the severed bits sprang to life several beings, including the goddess of love. In biblial myth John the Baptist is the Water Bearer who also, through baptism, causes others to be reborn, paving the way for his cousin JC , who also is love. What, you wonder, has this to do with the Aquarian male? Well, seemingly from outer space, they are frontrunners, lone voices in the wilderness, bringing what might register as radical news, sticking their necks out, often losing their heads, for their convictions. The only fixed-air sign in the Zodiac, symbolized by a star—the Star card in the Tarot depicts the Water Bearer—Aquarius espouses fixed ideas, facts, truth and convictions; the paradox being that these truths aren’t necessarily evident, but of the as-yet-unproven variety. Cue that saying: Science fiction of today becomes science fact of tomorrow.

It’s like the advent of evolution itself. In the present will surface certain mutations, which, now, are the quirks, the ugly-ducking bits; however it will be along these mutations that evolution, and the survival of any species, will rely. Aquarius man is mutation made manifest—he is the oddity now but his uqnique visions will be the mainstay of the future. He is a walking-talking aha! moment, pouring out new life and understanding to anyone who’ll take a sip. The shadow side of the sign—we all have them—can see him become something of a guru with his own flavor of Kool-Aid. He requires a kind of vague adoration, while he finds one-on-one bonds to be challenging, for a variety of reaons. Sometimes it’s the notion of variety itself—all the romantic and other type possibilities out there—that prevents him from entering into constructs like marriage or monagamy. He might always keep his options open, even when in a commited bond, and bid a partner do likewise. More often than not, though, this laissez faire attitude toward emotional connections stems from having fallen hard in love and lost. Loss is not an emotion Aquarius will care to repeat if he can help it.

I know is Aquarius’ sign motto. It points to his emphatic conviction, while it also speaks to his encyclopedic knowledge about thinks of interest. He really seems to have a computer for a brain, and once he locks in information it is loaded for life. It is difficult to alter his first impressions of anything as he is quick to assign hard and fast labels for people and situations, refusing to waste time on second glances or guessing. This mainly serves him well but it can limit his experience, which, again, isn’t so bad a thing for him. Aquarius, the Star, as compared to his opposite sign of Leo, the Sun, is most comfortable at a distance, but he likewie expects everything to revolve around him. He is patient and will bide his time, happy for a cult following for his ideas, art, invention, activism, creation or even his friendship. He knows instinctively that he is ahead of his time and that others will always need to play catch up. Instead of making this a source of frustration, Aquarius also stays ahead of his game, even enjoying a certain obscurity in which he can further his craft or evolve his art or otherwise devise plans that will, even in some small degree, define our collective future.

In our book Sextrology, we call Aquarius man The Visitor, for oh so many reasons.

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