Cancer 17° (July 8)

Aquarius Woman


She is a contradiction in terms: at once conventional to the point of unironic nerdiness, and yet the freest, unfettered freak on the astrologial block. From childhood, she is folksy, a homebody who revels in the company of close family, finding synergy with certain members, productive and creative ways to spend time bonding. For instance, if she plays the violin and a parent the oboe, she will form, and musically direct, a burgeoning duo. And this will become a theme in her adult realtionships—she likes to do things, perform activities, and otherwise share in the happenstance of life, with others. She makes her friends, meets her mates, in settings where she and like-minds gather, whether at work or play. Many Aquarian women partner with people who perform the same job, role or function as she does. It might be a symptom of wanting to share deeply with an object of affection on as many levels as possible. Some people can find her choice in other people to be questionable. It can seem that she isn’t aspirational enough in relationships. She is, after all, like The Star card in the Tarot, which pictures the Water Bearer, a naturally exalted, twinkling figure, an elevated fixture in her loved ones’ lives. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, named for the god of the starry universe, and it’s fixed-air status, translating to a point of light, is indeed symbolized by the star; it is the axis- or so-called-opposite sign of Leo which, ruled by the Sun, our home star. Aquarius, with her far away eyes, is forever coming from a different place, and yet she is looked upon as a beacon, a north star, who helps others navigate their own human condition.

Stella (meaning: star) in A Streetcar Named Desire seems, on the surface, to be slumming it with Stanley. But this literary dynamic has mythic roots. The classic Water Bearer is Hebe, goddess of youth, and “daughter”, the maiden form, of the goddess Hera (Roman: Juno). Hebe is indeed divine but falls for the mortal Heracles (Hercules) which means “beloved of Hera.” Hebe is a “descending goddess” deigning to love a mortal who, by that love, is made divine. We see this, too, in the myth of Iris, another “descending goddess” who fell in love with a mortal. Iris is Hera’ messenger, goddess of the rainbow, her path for bringing good news to mortals, and thus elevating them. The seven colors of the rainbow correspond to the seven colored veils of Salome, the female counterpart to John the Baptist, the biblical waterbearer. So? So, archetypally speaking, Aquarius is designed to share her awesome inspiring rainbow unicorn-ness with those who mightn’t realize such magic exists in this world. Also, by raising up, enlightening, even one significant other she has removed from the world, and potentially saved it from, just another brute. To the untrained eye, it seems that she is casting her pearls. Both things can be true. And this is Aquarius woman’s most poignant paradox. For all her starry notions she is bound to play on the ground so raise up those who might feel low. Her sign’s motto is I know and we all look to the Aquarius woman (Oprah, Ellen) for answer.

What the Water Bearer pours out is a balm, a salve, certain salvation, saving grace. This is Aquarius woman’s superpower: She does honor and credit to others by her very presence. She personifies the principle of free and unmerited favor of a kindly cosmos and divine intelligence. Whereas Aquarius man draws on the primordial archetype of the mythic sky god Uranus, Aquarius woman’s metaphysics derive from his female counterpart, the goddess Gaia who is both his mother and his mate. Gaia is the most primeval of classic deities. She is the Earth incarnate, while her name more literally means “life”, “world” or “the totality of all creation,” which perhaps sheds some light on Mia Farrow’s mania for adoption. In ancient art she is depicted as reclining on the earth surrounded by countless Carpi, winged Cupid-like infant gods of earth’s bounty. In the present neopagan view she is the divine spirit of the Earth, which would seem like another paradox, being that, she’s also likened to a distant Star. But was not all of life, all of us, here on Earth, indeed made out of stardust, long ago and far away?

As essentially life-giving as Gaia, (and Aquarius woman) is, she is so sweepingly so as to be impersonal. Yet another paradox of the sign: the Water Bearer feels strongly for the world and for people in general, but she is comparatively cavalier in one-on-one bonds. Like Gaia, who has countless lovers beyond Uranus, Aquarius woman is probably the most free-wheeling amongst women—did you know Uranus is the only planet to roll through its orbit while all others spin on their axis? Stella probably didn’t stay with Stanley, but enjoyed the earthy engagement while it lasted. We joke that Aquarius woman always has a packed bag stashed under he bed. When she goes she’s gone. She personifies Uranus’ brand of energy which is sudden and deviating. It is not only that of evolution, via sudden mutation, but of revolution by way of awakening and revolt. Being such a giver, she won’t waste her grace on the unappreciative—she’ll go where the love is.

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