Cancer 18° (July 10)

Pisces Man floats in and out of your life at will, but he’s always totally present when with you. Years will go by with seeing him, but it feels like no time has passed. The most knowing and yet unknowable of the signs, Pisces functions best unanchored, allowed to materialize, or fade into the ether, as it suits him. However, if he wants in to a certain milieu, just try to keep him out. He has a way of permeating situations, getting through the cracks, like a gas, appealing as a shameless but selfless creature, at once obsequious while taking up a lot of space—he can be very on—often being whomever you want him to be (if not your own personal savior). Pisces is the sole mutable-water sign, which is symbolized by the salt sea, foam, mist, fog and vapor. In our book Sextrology his chapter is called The Drifter for numerous reasons. Besides being unbeholden by nature, he is like a lucid dreamer, holding some overall vision in mind, nothing specific, otherwise giving himself over to experience and letting it take him where it will. The sign is ruled by Neptune, the planetary energy of dissolution; and Pisces man does tend to dissolve into life, giving himself over utterly to experience, letting go and letting…belief carry him. The sign’s motto is I believe, and Pisces embodies it, believing in himself, generally, and in his broad skills and talents to find their ultimate expression. He is impressionistic, nonlinear, taking a big-picture perspective, letting opportunities emerge from the field of his experience. More than most, he lets life dictate his journey, walking the path of least resistance. If he wants to be a fine artist but receives an opportunity to, say, design sets, he will go where that love is, unlike the more singular minded folks among us.

Pisces seems to absorb knowledge as if by osmosis, boasting an encyclopedic understanding of anything and everything. He is typically a visual person drawn to vocations that fall under Neptune’s rule—art, design, film, photography, media, all which deal in certain imagery—given to some fantasy, illusion, enchantment and imagination, as it relates, not just etymologically, to making a little magic. In life and career, Pisces is who he imagines himself to be, typically characterized as a departure from his origins. He is a revisionist in the purest sense of the word, reframing his life to suit his soul instead of trying to fit in or make peace with the circumstances of his upbringing. From the moment he can walk, he is set upon a unique journey, constantly morphing as a result of his many influences and references, erasing from his memory-banks life circumstance that doesn’t support his ever unfolding story line. He sacrifices for his art or other callings but he doesn’t subscribe to a down-and-out lifestyle per se. Pisces tends to put on lofty airs, a signature manifestation of his self-art-direction, adopting a yah style of speech to match his seeming omniscience. He is drawn to rarified enclaves and aspects of culture that might smack of an upper crustiness—at the same time he may frequent certain “underground” realms into which most of us would never care to set foot, but he usually keeps that to himself. Pisces man has seen it all, or at least he’s trying to. And nothing surprises him. Again, like a gas, he seeps in everywhere, achieving a certain omnipresence (to match his omniscience), which is right up his archetypal alley. The Pisces fish are the mythic animal totems of the Aphrodite, also called Mari, and her son Eros, at once the oldest (father) god and yet the eternal babe (son)—see where we are going with this?—yeah, when Pisces Lou Reed said he felt like Jesus’s son, he wasn’t kidding. The itinerant messiah figure fits Pisces to a tee; as does his ability to fall into the arms of the world and let the universe decide his cosmic plan, without struggle but not without sacrifice. And, though he may be god-complexed, he identifies with the marginalized, often surrounded by disenfranchised souls whom he inspires, even at cocktail parties. The twelfth astrological house of Pisces is the poubelle, the trash bin of the Zodiac, and it rules outcasts, pariahs, the forgotten, the exiled, castaways, and misfits.

There’s something magnetic about a person who lives life like he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. By the same token, this can rub people the wrong way. He seems to get life and, well, everything better than the rest of us—and he’ll have us know it. He can’t resist letting the steam out of stuffy situations, with clever and cutting remarks, even when doing so with signature lockjaw-aw affectation. He may feign a jadedness, mastering the eye roll, but, in paradoxical Pisces fashion, it will be false people or faulty situations that become the target of his censure—something that will always have a comedic bite to it, as if to say there is nothing that need be taken too seriously. Pisces may be the one human most naturally programmed with an understanding of his own mortality. He is the wise and powerful Oz of the Zodiac, working his world of illusion for all it’s worth, ultimately revealing certain truths in service of helping the small and meek. Because, maybe, he’s the most accepting of the fact that all roads lead to the same place.


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