Cancer 19° (July 11)

Pisces woman is a delicate creature who in time learns she is tougher than she ever imagined. Naturally soft-spoken, if not a silent figure in her youth, she is an old soul with eyes that seemingly gaze inward. She is the most introspective of the signs and, let’s say, in tune with the more subtle vibrations of existence. Many a Pisces experiences psychic flashes in childhood, which can scare her, ironically causing her to try to shut down that part of herself. In more practical terms, Pisces is the most empathetic of creatures, which can cause her to isolate or otherwise lose herself in social activity or substances or all of the above, at various points in her life. Pisces is the only mutable-water sign, which has various interpretations. First, it speaks to the primordial soup from which all creation comes, whether in terms of the evolution of all life, or the embryotic state in which we are gestated. Pisces’ symbol opposite-facing fish signify the womb-tomb, the alpha-omega, the great beyond from whence we come and to we which will return.

Pisces’ mutable-water is also the salt sea, from which all earthly life crawled, and the foam and the mist and also the fog. Pisces’ female archetype is that of Aphrodite (Roman: Venus) who emerged from the foam of the sea—the Pisces fish are the mythical totems of Aphrodite, goddess of love, and her son Eros (Roman: Cupid), also a god of love, the eternal babe who is also the oldest of the gods, just one of the sign’s many paradoxes, which Pisces often beautifully personifies. In our book Sextrology, the Pisces woman chapter is called The Dream, pointing to the intangible, misty stuff of our soulful reveries, at once elusive and signifying a certain oblivion, while also being the state via which we most probably connect with the proverbial All. And Pisces woman is likewise dreamy, hard to get a hold of, indefinable, and yet so palpably powerful on a level one can’t quite pin down. We become lost in our dreams and yet they save us; and Pisces, the Siren of the Zodiac, has a way of making others lose their footing while being the most inspiring and muse-like of creatures. The word Siren means cord, rope, to join and to bind—those Pisces fish are bound by a central umbilical chord, how Aphrodite and Eros stayed connected—and we sense from Pisces woman a soulful need to connect, not just one-on-one in relationships, but with humanity as a whole as well as on a spiritual level. Many Pisces women become spokeswomen of causes aimed at helping those who are most marginalized or forgotten by society, the gravely ill and other so-called untouchables. Pisces’ compassion for others is rivaled only by her proclivity for leading a dramatic life—no woman has more soap operatic an experience than she.

Like her Pisces male counterpart, Pisces woman tends to be something of an anomaly in her family of origin, cut from a finer cloth than other members of her clan. She is an autodidact and takes pains to better herself, presenting herself as mannered, tasteful, cultured and refined. Often an artistic ability, as a dancer, artist or musician, exposes her to people and prospects not afforded others in her family, where she is groomed for “better things.” She is often unfortunately susceptible and subjected to dominant figures on whom she comes to rely, the transcending of these dynamics and relationships, though difficult, building the kind of emotional muscle that comes to define Pisces’s signature survivor status. She may prematurely run with a fast crowd, swept away by promises of glamour, pleasure, ease and luxury. In time she will learn to provide herself the right amount of all of these elements as fringe benefits to a meaningful life; spent making a difference, typically, in the lives of those challenged to help themselves. She feels and thus takes personally other people’s pain and suffering. And others generally make a great impression on her—she all too easily adopts the personality, cadence and rhythm of those with whom she spends long stretches of time—which is why she oft opts to be reclusive, limiting how much of other’s energy she absorbs.

Ruled by Neptune, planet of dissolution, the mutable-water sign of Pisces speaks to non-material existence, that of the purely spiritual or energetic. (Scientifically, we now know that all matter is energy, anyway.) She is like a spirit in the material world. And she can often seem a blithe one, that is to say casual and indifferent; this being a demeanor she adopts as protection against the extremes to which she can go, whether dragged down by an undertow of despair or riding giant waves of exaggerated, exhilarating emotion. Meditative practices (or even being an avid reader) are ways she can keep, or rather not lose herself in a sea of world problems or, closer to home, in an ocean of emotion. Her love life tends to be tempestuous, but that is, typically in part, by choice. Even a little drama is in this department goes a long way to keep Pisces and her partners on their respective toes. She can’t abide a status quo romantic life. So she may inflate issues so to inspire deeper connection on them, only to then surface and float more blissfully resolved.

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