Cancer 4° (June 25)

Cancer Woman


Cancer woman is the embodiment of longing, the true nature of which provides insight into her personality. Try to think of longing as emotional outreach, an active and useful mechanism for scanning and searching life, the universe, all experience, for that which one has true feeling. In this way, Cancer woman is perpetually taking emotional action. She invented the term: putting out feelers. And we feel her, don’t we: Cancer women on the whole are not subtle creatures who hide their needs, indeed, their demands. Think of her symbol crab. She flows with the current, which is to say the present, which does sometimes require being what to others can appear to be clingy. The fact is she must establish fixed experiences—occupations, living environements and relationships—for herself to counterbalance what might otherwise feel like a life of being swept up in said moment. Indeed, certain fixtures allow the Cancer to be fully accessible, circumstantially, and emotionally available. Accessing feeling is indeed a hallmark of the Cancerian female experience, most poignantly expressed by the exceedingly emotive brand of actresses born under the sign.

We cite Cinderella as a Cancerian archetype, a figure characterized by longing. Longing is a Cancer woman superpower. Though it goes unseen, this emotionally loaded action may or may not send signals to a harkening universe—though we would assert it does—but there is a strong argument that, in pinpointing that for which the Cancer might might pine, she delineates certain desire and direction to take in life. And who is to say that, being one with this longing, that the Cancer woman isn’t vibrating with needful intention, attracting desired situations, if not destiny, to her. For us, she seems the personification of the notion that hope, another Cancerian superpower, is only partly something we, as people, feel, but that there is an energetic or divine element to it whereby the universe offers it up. Cancer woman seems to have singular insight into the notion that what she feels (she needs) is one and the same with what the cosmos is prepared to provide her. Providence, promise, deliverance, all being Cancer watchwords. And so her infamous capacity for expression is thereby her part of the bargain in bringing about her own fulfillment. She will let life do the rest. The cardinal-water sign, she is like

a fountain, spring or the source of a mighty river, rolling out her feelings. It can thus be difficult for her to turn off the waterworks, and impossible for anyone to do it for her.

The secret ingredient for Cancer is time. The oyster cannot create a pearl without the ebbing and flowing tides that fall under Cancer’s ruler Moon. That tiny orb made in the Moon’s own image, is a symbol of a certain kind of wisdom of the untuitive kind. Flood myths, hinged on recovery and deliverance, hope and promise (the ark) are associated with this sign; in the classic flood myth it is the Titan goddess Themis who appears to Decaulian (the Greek Noah) and his wife Pyrra who, like two peas in a pod, make it to the proverbial other shore, the sole survivors. Themis means, and is the personification of divine law and order; literally “that which is put in place”; and Cancer woman naturally draws on this archetype letting nature/the universe help put into place that which she longs (and, thus, hopefully, works) for, while using her outsized intuition, another superpower, as a gut-level guide. She subscribes to the inclusion of a mystic element in life; and mysticism, by definition, is wisdom that is inaccessible to the intellect and only gained through intuition. So feeling all her feels, which can be overwhelming to her and others, in time provides her with intuitive insight opening onto a brand of wisdom of the highest emotional faculty. That is to say that Cinderella (who brought that prince and palace to her) ultimately becomes the fairy godmother, the wise Titaness, Themis. She is the goddess of customs, traditions, mores (all attributes of the astrological fourth house of Cancer!), the human, earthly manifestation of said order, and our part of the bargain in maintaining it. As such Cancerian women, unlike their male counterparts, will subscribe more readily to traditional religious and social practices.

Themis can also see the future, which is why she is one of the oracular deities to preside over the oracle at Delphi. Cancer woman too provides herself such insight. Her signature longing morphs, in time, into self-assurance, so long as she maintains a steady course toward the objects of it. Happily, the Cancerian isn’t result orientated, and is thus increasingly self-assured by the order she perceives emerging from the (both internal and trademark external) chaos of her early life.


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