Cancer 5° (June 26)

Leo Man

Leo man is best at playing the game of life, one, he is certain, is not one of chance but fierce self-determination. (Ironically he loves to gamble but that’s another story.) He is authority, license and free will incarnate. That said, and as extremely creative and productive as he can be, Leo takes a leisurely approach to living. Fun, play, for him is front-loaded, and he believes that success and fulfillment can be far more easily and naturally had than the rest of us do. He holds that thought. And, while giving his all, he is never one to overdo it. Excess ambition, or the slightest pushiness in the process, are anathema to him, and he finds it vulgar in others. That goes for at work, in his social life, and even in familial relationships. Of all the men in the Zodiac, Leo feels he has the least to prove. Nor is he super demonstrative in his approval of others achievements either.

His is a world unto his own. Leo sticks to a particularly small circle, even if it be a superpowered social circuit, around which he makes the requisite rounds of dates for sports, meals and leisure activites with friends; he is purposefully guarded and unshowy, allergic to attention getters he deems phony or puffed up—and yes, there is irony here, as he does like all eyes on him, holding court as he does within said close circles. This to him is apples and oranges; and he doesn’t see said irony that his so-called reserve stems from the fact he believes all eyes are on him, as they would be any divinely righteous monarch of a man. He sees himself as spreading ingenuous warmth, perhaps not realizing that it is indeed a part of the game; he will invest this much favor and affection, but he’s on the lookout for signs in others of genuine deference would-be fealty. He will say he is drawn to (what he perceives to be) goodness and guilelessness in others. And, indeed, authenticity is one of his superpowers—and prides himself on being uanabashedly, if not overbearingly real himself; which can be at turns enviable and annoying to we, the people. He values his own opinion most highly, and like some other fixed signs, he experiences them as fact. Entitlement is a paradoxical theme that Leo man embodies.

In Sextrology, the Leo Man chapter is The Natural. Whether individually or culturally, he is drawn to those who seem likewise. Leo, himself, is wont to go native, being astrologically designed, like his totem Lion, to easefully roam life’s great expanses. And, yes, he is drawn to people, places and things with a primal throb. Like its ruler, the central Sun, the heart-center of the body is governed by the sign of Leo. The beating of the heart is the rhythm of life; and besides boasting many drummers among its number, the sign of Leo breeds men who live life at its own pace or, at least, they believe that they do. For, the zodiac’s king might naturally confuse his own will with that of the divine. The fifth astrological house of Leo is that of “co-creation with god;” so back to that pardoxical entitlement theme: Leo mainly finds it his duty to be as good a sun king as he can; to embody the best of what man can be, and thus not exploit is godlike designation, but to be a positive life-force for others, creator as well as creature, a positive life force that, to use the vernacular, gives us life. The shadow side of the king, of course, is the tyrant and anyone acquainted with a Leo man has probably seen it creep in.

Being one so cosmically endowed with nobility, Leo man will take personally every lousy move made by others. Even in circumstances that have naught to do with him, if you cross his well-drawn moral boundaries, you will make a direct insult to his majesty. He is all or nothing on that score. And when you’ve been cast out of the realm of his kinship, you typically remain so. He is one of the Zodiac’s greatest grudge holders. And it will take major recompense to enter back into his good graces, which may never happen. He is the golden boy in his youth, the wholesome Picaresque hero around which everything revolves, a typically athetic class clown who charms others with a disarming Tom Sawyer panache, he can nonetheless be emotionally distant and will be hostile to other males he considers sneaky or conniving. He is Archie and always has a rival Reggie on whom to heap his disapproval. As he matures, his world tends to get smaller, not bigger, his fan base limited to family and a handful of friends. He can be nostalgic, lost in his proverbial glory days; and must take pains to focus on the future, the uncertainty of which he’s not so naturally down with. Many twentysomething wunderkinds fall under the sign of Leo; and they risk equating inevitable aging with the weakening of their powers. Archetypally, this is the sign of young King David and King Arthur whose greatest successes come at an early age. So Leo must fight not to see himself as over the hill at thirty-five; and to consciously and constantly reinvent himself, his greatest challenge.

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