Cancer 6° (June 27)

Leo Woman

If, for Leo man, life is a game, for Leo woman it is a hunt. She is the most ferociously ambitious of all the gender-signs of the Zodiac. Wearing her signature predator’s smile, she prowls this life, on the scent of the particular successes for she hungers. If Leo woman is the Zodiac’s legendary king Arthur, Leo woman is the mythological Artemis, whom Homer called “Lioness amongst women,” a feral, untameable shrew (read: aggressively assertive). Typically left to her own devices, to fend for herself, from early childhood, the Leo woman doesn’t have much of one. She grows up sooner than she perhaps should, and yet, fortunately, not being a vulnerable personality, she isn’t as a rule victimized by circumstance in youth. Rather, she aligns herself, making friends, with adults, whether they be teachers or mentors within her family or community. She is an overachiever of the first order; and not so much a sore loser as one metaphysically disinclined to failure, whether it be in the pursuit of her marks, leading roles or positions, or awards. All for her is a contest, and she aims to outshine the competition, though she rarely recognizes others as such. If she should fall short of her high self-expectations she can be as fiercely self-condemning as she is, typically, -aggrandizing. Which explains why she can be so hard on those around her—it’s the same kind of expectant tough-love she bestows on herself.

Leo woman plays god in close company, doing for others as much to help others as to ensnare them, keeping them bound by the favor(s) she bestow(s). In the best light, she gets a charge from being responsible for contributing to the fortunes of those she loves; while surely solidifying bonds with those who owe her a debt of gratitude, giving her the upper hand in relationships. And demonstrating her sway and scope, in this way, is akin to a cat stretching, flexing her muscles and showing her teeth, keeping them sharp and giving playful expression to her natural aggression. What is play in nature but preparation for the battle of life?—or, more specificially, for the lion, the hunt. And so when not occupied with pouncing her larger life goals, she plays cat and mouse with people, drawing them in only to give them a few whacks; love taps, she might call them. She is canny and she is cunning and she will cut a bitch. Think of Artemis, giving chase, flanked by her faithful handmaidens and hounds; on some level, that’s as much status as Leo’s cronies might be afforded. We are all, to some extent, her bitches. From her perspective, you should be so lucky as to call her friend. Though she requires untold loyalty from others, she can be fickle and you can find yourself on the outs at a moments notice…only to be back in again before ere long.

Whereas Leo Man is on high alert for phoniness, Leo woman is know to adopt a persona or two or several, all rather lofty ones, over the course of her lifetime. She isn’t so much a social climber as she is someone who, no matter her origins, feels she belongs to some upper echelon or other. And when she “arrives” she is far more comfortable in her skin, like a deposed royal being reinstated, or one abducted in her infanthood, restored to her proper station. There is no irony in the way that she will assimilate with the so-called upper classes. Many people make bank, but not all of them require all the traditional trappings that go along with it. Think Madonna in full equestrian kit muttering in her ersatz British accent. While cardinal signs are the initiators of the Zodiac, the fixed signs that follow them, like Leo, are imitators, honers, and perfectors. What Leo might lack in originality, she more than makes up for in execution, a word which carries a funny double-entendre, especially in light of one of Leo woman’s archetypes, the Red Queen, whose famous expression is “off with her head.” Most anything you can do she can do better; and if she feels out-matched she might find other ways to eliminate the competition.

Creatively, intellectually working within well-worn genres, there maybe be more Leo women superstars, celebrated queens of whatever her chosen field, creative outlet or her intellectual arena might be. This is due, in large part, to…(we may never know)

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