Cancer 3° (June 24)

Cancer Man


The Moonchild is the most self-protective of men, which allows him to live life more safely on a purely emotional level. And vice versa: He needs strong defenses because he seeks to leave himself open as such. Despite a seeming insouciance—that Crab shell—he is the most sensitive of fellows and can easily be crushed by chaotic feelings. (Not to kick off on so morbid a note, but some of the most famous “French exits” from this life have been made by Cancerians—notably Ernest Hemingway, Robin Williams, Freddie Prinze, Ian Curtis, Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell, Hunter S. Thompson, George Eastman, Tony Scott, and too many others.) On a far cheerier note, the intense level of sensitivty with which Cancer is endowed can make him the most caring of chaps. And it will necessitate his being the most trusting, using his superpower intuition to invest in the right people places and things.

The crab will keep his emotions locked up until he establishes a safe means for their expression—in relationships, environment and chosen vocation. It may come as no surprise that irony is also one of Cancer’s superpowers, the ability to get across his point of view, often a sharp and searing one, in a softened, even satirical way. These little jabs, whether directed in his creative work or conversation (typically both), serve as an escape valve for what might otherwise be a deluge of feelings, despair included, he otherwise purposefully keeps pent up. He will protect himself to the death from pain and suffering, needing to learn that the former is inevitable, and the latter, a choice. Meanwhile he does what he can to mitigate all difficulty in his life for the paradoxical reason that he sees life as inherently difficult enough. The Cancerian life experience is all about passage, recovery, promise and deliverance, and men of the sign are predisposed to believing they are born into a journey aimed at landing them on a more hospitable shore than from whence they orginated. Like many marined creatures, birth is immediately followed by a race not just for survival but certain thrivation.

Cancer man lives in a private word, both real and imaginary, avoiding conflict or often anything more than vague interaction unless he sees promise in it. In the literal sense, he prefers solo work, which he can hopefully perform, set apart, ebbing and flowing to his own rhythm; and, figuratively, too, he must let his mind drift to imaginings of would-be scenarios he might ultimately realize. He will of course allow others to form a team to back his efforts. He appears the personification of hope, promise and ease and this is what attracts others to him both professionally and in his private life. He seems (the operative word) so completely unneedy, in contrast to his female Cancer counterpart; as if requiring nothing more than a little support and cultivation to draw him out. Meanwhile, he accesses others’ sensitivity, appealing to their feelings as well as their funny bones, sensitivity and humor being hallmarks of his charm. One feels safe in the company of the Cancerian, that on this journey through life, he is happy to be a designated driver. Not so unassuming, truth is he is one of the more deliberate and calculated characters on the astrological block, though rarely in any insidious sort of way. He simply believes in the fulfillment of his potential and he will subtly get his hooks into situations and those whom he considers to play a part in the unfolding of his destiny.

En route, Cancer man keeps it simple and his head down, quietly powering through. He is entirely pleasant, as a rule, across the board, to friends and acquaintances alike. In fact there seems little difference, often, between the amount of interest or affection he appears to invest in any case. He is practiced in his social repartée, often retelling stories, year on year, losing track of who may or may not heard his anecdotes before. He isn’t very present minded, something he must work on; a result perhaps of being cosmically engineered to look, with hope, toward the future. This may result in anxiety; and he must work to find comfort in uncertainty. He is surely one of the existentialists of the Zodiac, not given to opiates of religion or set belief systems. He might intellectually perceive an ordered universe, but his gut tells him that the bulk of being is random, chaos.

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