Cancer 2° (June 23)


Gemin Woman


She is the cosmic switchboard operator—like opera, plural of opus, meaning: Work! Gemini woman is plugged in and connected every which way. While also, a nod to the duality inherent in her sign, she is the consumate connector, a role she doesn’t always wish to play. She is all too aware, or should be, that she can be a faciliatator, a conduit, to others’ successes, via her own. The larger part of her superpower includes making amazing matches, partnerhips; let’s call it mutuality—equal, shared effort toward that “work,” a.k.a. the happenstance of a successful life. Gemini doesn’t shy away or try to transcend from very certain desired trappings of living, most unapologetically, a material existence. Neither is she greedy, as a rule; striking the perfect balance, more often than most, of leading a constitently “set up” life, with plenty of perks and passions, without all that pesky, excess avarice.

Enough being enough for Gemini speaks volumes on the fact that, despite being a “mutable” sign”, she doesn’t like change. She is a homebody at heart and would rather play the puppet master, even, on a global scale from the privacy of her fuzzy slippers. She is the original tough cookie, promising such sweetness. Sometimes taking the dubious wrap for being flighty, but only, most people don’t realize, when it suits her. Tinker Bell to Gemini man’s Peter Pan, she is no doubt dual herself. Saccharine when it suits her, like Tink to Pete, but in the turn of a head her devilish nature may emerge. The symbol of Gemini’s ruler Mercury’s might suggest a winged cap or horns, as she, the English Rose of the Zodiac, can indeed be thorny. Drawing on the archetype of Mercury’s counterpart, the winged Eris, goddess of discord, hell hath no fury like a Gemini scorned. You simply, silently, no longer exist. Tink, the cartoon Eris, operates solely on nerves, and is easily rundown, needing utmost care and concern from others. So too does Gemini who gives, gives, gives, till it’s totally gone.

Gemini woman is one person in the Zodiac you’d want to have your back. She’s a tough and protective Tinker Bell, a fixer of ailing or broken utility, aimed at mending flailing situations and relationships and problem-solving in general. She is the proverbial mother hen on whom others come to rely, and behind whom we must all fall in line. She is best in all astrology at covering the basics, and all the bases there in, making sure the mechanics of her daily life function smoothly, if not too repetitively, such that it becomes a grind. She can get lost in so-called causes, if not invented drama, which, when pressed, she may admit she cares little about. The doing of things—that’s why she’s great at busy work—can sometimes divert and dissapate energy that might go toward more long-term thinking, achievement or success. She needs reminding of the fact. There is ease and safety, though, sometimes, in making molehills from minutuae. Not to say she purposefully feigns being overworked ao to cut herself slack in her daily schedule. It’s just that perfecting the daily ops of living affords the Gemini you the expertise and status to do so, increasingly, by remote control. To her mind, that is what success looks like.

For the Gemini connector, reward takes the form of unplugging, doing less while being more. Ultimately it’s the Gemini influencer’s word, her endorsement, her bugs in people’s ears, that become a prized gift in itself. (Her ruler Mercury, the messenger god, personifies the word, Logos.) Touting your name, or lending her name, or face to a project or enterprise—all is currency. In the global world of advertising most of the famous faces you see launching a thousand beauty products or perfumes are Gemini women. (Featured in the same myth as Eris, instigator of the Trogan war, is Helen, who hatched from an egg, yet another fine feathered Gemini archetype.) Meanwhile, all Gemini women possess an infamous power to make or break those around her—the face most often empowered to launch a thousand careers, deals and contracts. Even Tinker Bell is Disney’s brand ambassador. And, likewise, as tiny as it might appear, Gemini woman possesses the power to sprinkle fairy dust over situations or be something of a stinging gladfly chasing away would-be opportunity. All depending on what she’s getting out of the deal. She desires no more than simple reciprocation, no matter the commodity, be it love or money or any means of exchange.

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