Cancer 1° (June 22)

Gemini Man

Gemini is forever striking some kind of bargain or another, internally negotiating opposing forces (along the proverbial right vs. wrong dichotomy), and outwardly navigating his wants against that which he supposes others want of him, exacting his next move, the next deal, to further his direction. His can be a tricky head to be in; and yet there is very little the Gemini doesn’t do mindfully, being less prone than most to unconscious motivations, compulsions, and the like. He likes to keep others guessing for as long as he can, which can make him appear indecisive or confused, when in fact he is sowing confusion, creating distractions, to better move along his own agendas.

Gemini man is self-aware, if to a fault, purposely putting on dazzle and otherwise creating excitement aimed at keeping spirits bright, especially his own—even if knowingly faking it. He is the personification of the adage: Fake it till you make it. For him it’s all about his field of experience, and what buzz he can create within it. Immediacy is his watchword. Ruled by Mercury, the eternally youthful, quicksilver god who can be here or there in an instant, the sign of Twins is hinged on both the instantaneous and the intimate, the immediacy of time and space, respectively. He is focused on the here and now, needing to be engaged by interatction, physical activities or conversation, and surrounded by a close circle of cronies who personify as emanations of his own will. He thus attracts those who tend to lack a will or direction of their own. The fairytale Mercury, Peter Pan, whom we’ve long associated with the sign, amasses his tribe of lost boys seeking solace and guidance. And Gemini runs on the steam of such tribalism, if not mob mentality, like that other fellow in green tights, Robin Hood, operating in secret, employing the element of surprise, being rather thuggish, even, in lofty enterprises.

Gemini may be the least naturally instrospective of characters, and must work harder than most in the understanding of an inner life. Even the work of the great Gemini poet Walt Whitman (his name being something of an aptronym in that Gemini man lives most by his wits) is an exploration of what he sees, feels, senses right in front of him, a celebration of what is right under his feet, the street-level of existence. Likewise, Geminiman is occupied with the most urgent to-dos and shiniest objects currently before his own eyes, cutting a path through life like an arful dodger snaking his way through a crowded avenue, reveling in covert action and certain lendergemain. He is a celebrator or experiential self, an operator and a manipulator. That word has its negative connotations of course, but it also speaks to Gemini’s premier superpower—that of positive thinking—which is the highest form of manipulation in that it suggests that experience itself is malleable and can be directed by the determination of our thoughts.

Gemini is nervy and (he mightn’t admit it) rather fearful of the answers to life’s big questions. He loves the world of the living, gravitating toward social hubs of activities, where a vibrant demonstration of life can distract him from what is a signature underlying loneliness. He doesn’t like to feel things because he might do so too deeply for his delicate nerves. Gemini likes to keep it light and keep it moving, immersed in temporal activity; and yet he is more prone to most to subscribe to an eternal element of self—let’s call it soul. He takes from various religions and philosophies that which they all share, tending not to fully subscribe to any one path (though he may feign to do so). In love he is the most monagamist and philandering of fellows, forgiving what he might label human frailty, particularly in himself. He doesn’t linger on thoughts or doubts that might undo him—there is always something more cheering to alight on. A nod to his airborn archetype, the winged capped and footed Mercury, Gemini likewise wings his way through life, too impatient for most processes of preparation. As a rule he doesn’t aspire to higher achievement or higher thought—rather he seeks to reap fullest benefit for doing what comes easily to him, which tends to fall under the larger heading of processing and proliferating his own personal observances, typically in brief form.

Gemini man is the master of the three-minute pop song, the elevator pitch, snappy patter, killer slogan or pithy pun. He is ephemera incarnate, living life to its fullest, like a mayfly on limited liberty. Truly owning the fact that we live on borrowed time, Gemini doesn’t become mired in guilt, doubt or regret. Each next moment provides a new opportunity to rewrite the proverbial headline. Being mercenary comes with his Mercury rule, such that being money-grubbing is just one of the ways he gets all he can from life. Lucrative deals are just human interaction with material pay off; another form of whistling in the graveyard and challenging the notion that you can’t take it with you.


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