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Taurus Woman


Taurus woman comes with a checklist of things they need to achieve and aquire, and they work it till they’ve ticked off each and every item, and then some. This modus operandi provides them security, or at least the sense that they I securing it for themselves. They are sensual creatures with a natural innocence, even when batting their cow eyes at you. Think of them like shutters of a camera, taking in and recording, from every angle, what the abundant world of possibility, or you yourself, might have to offer them. They are efficiency experts, loath to waste precious time—to them a true commodity—on people, places and things not worth their salt. They embody the notion that life should be carefree, doing all in their power to create a safe enclosure for themselves against the savagery of society. They see these same people, places and things in terms of value, investing interest, even the loving kind, only when confident of a solid return. The face of value being deceiving, they can be duped by appearances and overemphasis external trappings, which ultimately leave them wanting.

She is born under the archetype of the naive earth nymphs such as Io, who took the form of a snow-white heifer—the fairy tale of Snow White, innocence incarnate, is a retelling of that myth. These stories are hinged on experience and resiliance—the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, typecast with a Taurus actress, is a funny, modern echoing of the same old story of the guileless female learning the often wicked ways of the world, without losing her childlike spirit. And so Taurus’ journey is about understanding her own strength and value without becoming jaded. She embodies the knowledge that our natural state should be one of happiness and living in harmony with nature. But this wide eyed view can also make the Taurus overly trusting, thus vulnerable to would-be snakes in the grass. She will readily learn this in life, and hopefully not too much the hard way.

If Taurus man is the gardener of the Zodiac, Taurus woman is like a flower, itself, delicate, pleasing, and needful of cultivation and care. Enviroment is everything to the Taurus woman, and a loving one is essential for her to exhibit her full expression of talent, value and beauty. She must be rooted in some talent or purpose and allow her surroundings to be a nurturative force. Flowers don’t seek to open part way, they intend toward full expression of their perfumed power and beauty. Flower power is the law of attraction, a superpower Taurus woman personifies. The power of passivity. Partnerships, one-on-one relationships, are key. Trust is her main theme, and yet it requires a setting of absolute safety, emotional or otherwise, in order for her to invest it. Funny that a show of trust is expressed in such financial terms—just as a trust itself can also mean a fund of sorts—as Taurus is the most material of signs, associated with value and esteem. To earn her trust, one must continually prize all the positive and loving assets that Taurus woman brings to the table, which is a lot. As such, she can find herself being used more than most people, whether for her talent or beauty or whatever else might make her a potential cash cow. So discernment is something the Taurus needs to develop lest she become distrustful, especially in love relationships. The irony of being the Zodiac’s proverbial innocent is notoriously attracted to bad-ass, baller characters. The best kind of company she can keep, however, is childlike, fun-loving creatures like herself.

Taurus tends to be naturally playful and prone to goofy, comedic antics and practical jokes. She can, however, be the most demanding of individuals, expecting a lot from the people in her life. She knows her worth and appreciates (read: demands) demonstrations of people’s affection and appreciation. She is a private but social creature who amasses a close circle of friends, those with similar tastes and lifestyles. She is a devoted friend; but she can cut those from her life who belittle or betray her loyalty with nary a regret. She can be competitive financially, and in the measuring of success, and her biggest challenge is being prone to envy of others, which she must learn to channel into inspiration from them. Sisterhood is something from which Taurus draws strength, and she is very much interested in the feminine experience beyond her personal own. She doesn’t revel in solitude; rather she enjoys sharing experience and working as a team, or ensemble, though she naturally acts the boss. If she possesses a bankable talent, she will bring friends and family along for a successful ride. She is mindful with money, even when flush in the extreme, but it won’t keep her from spending on creature comforts—her taste being more cushy than overly extravagant.

Prone to focussing on appearance, Taurus woman will especially indulge in fashion and beauty, and she is rather on the nose when it comes to telegraphing status or wealth—choosing designer labels, luxury cars, living in tony neighborhoods and the like. These all signal proof of her success, as much to herself as to others who might take note. She tends to see herself through others’s eyes, anyway, comfortable in a subjective role.

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