Cancer 9° (June 30)

Libra Man


Mention the sign of Libra and most people say how much they love it or that it’s their favorite. Mention Libra man and you might hear crickets. Maybe the most misunderstood of all signs, Libra man can read as a lightweight who nonetheless asserts a heavy agenda. The truth is Libra has a great many talents. Typically, though, it is challenging for the Libra man to go deep into any one of them to the exclusion of others. This is one of the factors in the that give rise to Libras being labelled indecisive, which isn’t really an appropriate mark. The Scales man is born to weigh his options; and it is in his nature to want to do a plethora of things creatively. This is part of the reason Libra can feel others don’t take him seriously. Also, the Libra personality tends to the bright side, often to a fault, making light of life; and though this is one of the sign’s sincerest personality traits, others can find it put-on, phony, too good to be true—espcially the more brooding of the signs. The fact is, Libra tries tokeep dark thoughts and moods to himself because they seem to him a private affair that others shouldn’t be bothered with; likewsie he doesn’t wish to be burdened with other people’s problems—Libra’s not the greatest in an emergency—which to him, more times than not, just seem boring and beside the point. Get over it can be a Libra creed; but the fact is that some issues, challenges, facts of life do need sorting through. Libra’s default, rose-colored optimism can be, sometimes inappropriately, too much—unrealistic, avoidist and indicative of a lack in coping skills— just as his expectations of others to likewise rise above and roll with the punches can be too great.

As the cardinal-air sign, Libra energy translates to Light. The male arechetype of the sign is Apollo, the god of light (not to be confused with the Sun god, Helios) who is also god of a slew of abstracts—reason, order, music (harmony), law, poetry, art, prophesy and other such conceptuals—and you will note that the Scales are the only inanimate symbol in the Zodiac, all the rest are human or other animal. In truth Libra man can seem the least animalistic of all men, while he doesn’t subscribe to being all too human either. Apollo isn’t a rough and tumble god. He’s masculine but in a rather ethereal way. We see him cloaked in white, fair haired, walking through ordered, columned halls. Vanilla is likely his favorite flavor. He’s the golden boy. And yet his myths all hinge on rejection, most notably, his love for the nymph Daphne, who fled from his affections—was too much expectation?—as she would rather turn herself into a laurel tree than couple with him. Thus Apollow wears a laurel crown, his godhead symbolized by being shot down. He’s not in with the other male gods. They likely think him a little precious, perfectionistic, a bit too challenging, cerebral, none to chill and laidback. Is any of this sounding familiar?

To others, Libra man can feel like a hard lesson you’re learning. He’s like that teacher you had that was tough and formal and perhaps a bit mean but from whom you learned everything you’ll never forget. The paradox (within paradox) of Libra is that he tends only to realize his full self and potential, in one-on-one relationships; and yet his need to be in so terrific a twosome can feel so loaded to a potential partner that they…just…can’t. The seventh astrological house that falls under Libran rule is that of one-on-one relationships, partnerships and marriage, but as with all things associated with the sign, its primary resonance is an abstract one. Libra likes to marry—ideas into revelatory aha! principles, individuals with connections (other people or situations) that spell success, and, especially conflicting opposities into powerful alliances. And he definitely seeks all of the above for himself. As the opposite sign of Aries, ruled by Mars, named for the god of war—symbolizing the spearheading of individual goals, sole concquest and survival, Libra, alternatively, is ruled by Venus, the power of attraction, union, and shared goals and experience, equality, democratic co-existence, and, thus, peace, specifically of the mind. The sign’s two mottos are I balance and We are.

Embodying the notion that we can’t live in isolation, Libra is often, paradoxically, something of a lone wolf (the animal totem associated with Apollo). He isn’t as naturally embraced by guy peers, especially, as are other male signs. He tends not to be a chip off the old block, embodying an opposing vision of masculinity from his father and other men in his family. And you would never call him earthy. He can live very much in his mind and reality often falls short of his idealized vision. He is anything but laid back, and struggles to live life on life’s terms. His rosey outlook is thus his greatest superpower and fatal flaw. The trick for him is to understand that things can never live up to his pink-bubble expectations but that he should maintain them nonetheless. The world may not be singing in perfect harmony, but that is no reason not to want to keep teaching it to do so.

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