Cancer 8° (June 29)

Virgo Woman


You’re not what you appear to be and in oh, so many ways. You’re seemingly unassuming, presenting as an affable creature, laughing readily, and game to realize fun plans and notions. You exude a childlike aura, and yet one suspects you of possessing serious countenance, a truly complex and layered you beneath any guileless surface gloss. We have likened Virgo to a cameo, you know like the jewelry or the framed kind, a delicately drawn, dimensional profile of a person, old-fashioned, human, and not to be forgotten, and of great value, especially, personally. This is how you appeal and how you self-protect. Because as inviting as you can be, something about you says you’re not to be trifled with. (And sometimes you might want to be, at least just a little.)

You can be something of a people pleaser but that’s just half that story. We come to learn that you’re meanwhile exacting an agenda al you’re own—your sign motto isn’t “I work” for nothing—getting what you require from every situation and relationship. You thereby put together the pieces of your own successes. A lender you may never be, but a borrower you are for certain. Virgo woman is a collage in fact of every influence—people, places and things—she encounters. These three p’s comprise the happenstance of life, which speaks to Virgo as the ruler of the astrologicial 6th house, that of daily experience and quotidien existence. In mythology it is Pandora, made out of clay by the god smithy and potter god, Hephaestus, whose every physical feature is modeled on, borrowed, picked and chosen from the best attributes of all the divine goddesses in total. Pandora means all-given (it also means all-giver—we’ll get to that fact). It is one thing to be an amalgam of all our experiences and influences, it’s quite another to mold it all into something completely unique in personality and style. Which is something you do nine times out of ten.


As the sole mutable-earth sign in the zodiac….


You are the zodiac’s mama’s girl. It is indeed coded into your astrological DNA. The virgin of the Virgo is called Kore, she is the mythical daughter and, really, the maiden form of the mother earth goddess (of the harvest) Demeter, who was legendarily attached to her daughter who was snatched by Pluto and turned into Persephone (archeypes of Scorpio). You’ll notice your sign symbol and Scorpio’s both have an M emblem, yours that folds in, hymen-like on itself, and Scorpio’s which jutts out with an arrow head, that symbolic scorpion sting. M is for Mater, Mother. Demeter and Pluto struck a bargain, ultimately (there were pomegranates involved, it’s a long story), and Persephone became Kore again for half the (springtime, summer) year. Demeter grieved the other, plunging us into fall and winter. So if you wonder why the bond with mom is loaded, it’s cuz it carries the archetypal weight of this mother-daughter myth. There is paradoxical power to be mined and pifalls to negotiate in consideration of what inheritances you share with your own mater. Your superpower to diagnose and set things aright, healing situations, making them functional where they were not in some way stems from this relationship, for better or worse. So too does any arrested development.


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