Cancer 10° (July 1)

Libra Woman


Wherever Libra woman is, that’s the place to be. At least that’s her storyline and she’s sticking to it. She is the craftiest of the Zodiacal characters, in every meaning of the word. An individualist of the first order, and someting of an eccentric, she carves out her own space in life, taking a rather d.i.y. approach to living, and keeping her human interest light, lively, and moving. She is one to play by her own rules, which often necessitates working alone or in tandem with a loved one, and more often than not, in an aesthetic field or one hinged on lovely ideals. The air sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, is all about gorgeous notions, whether of the conceptual or knick-knack variety. While Venus’s rule over the earth sign of Taurus emphasizes physical beauty, in Libra, it translates to conceptual splendor and the amelioration of the world, or at least her corner of it, through the living of life on an idealized plane (which, again, is much easier to do in some form of isolation). As a rule, Libra is a liberal if not an activist of her own design, her relationships with others being more sweeping and abstract and less cozy and personal—and, besides, it’s easier to carry around a soapbox designed solely for one.

As Apollo, god of light and prophecy, is the archetype of the Libra man, it follows that his counterpart(s), is the High Priestess, oracle of Delphi through whom Apollo would, ultimately, speak. Originally the oracle belonged to his grandmother Phoebe, meaning “shining” (Apollo bears the prefix Phoebus) and, in later mythology, Pythia, meaning “rotting” whose oracles are inspired by the fumes of the rotting Python, whom Apollo slay (he is also Apollopython). Taken all together: To shine and to rot point to an infinitive, inherent paradox in the Libra woman whose tradmark adult role as an enlightener (of others) stems from signature destructions in her early life, symptomatic of her own recovery therefrom—more often than not Libra women come from broken homes where they are made to feel divided, pulled in opposite directions; having to be the balance, the mediator, here come the judge—the proverbial Lady of the Scales. The High Priestess sits upon a three-legged pedestal. As does Libra woman, by virtue of her own edification, others’ idealized vision of her, or some combination of both. For all Libra’s goodness and light, one senses they derive from times in dark places. The white witch with certain knowledge of the dark.

Where Libra man tries as he might to eschew darkness, remaining in his pink-bubble of optimism, which oft leads to disappointment; Libra woman works that bubble, riding it, like Glinda, to try to shed said light in dark places, to elevate consciousness on a democratic scale, to illumine a world of possibility. Due to upbringing, however, she may try to be too many things to too many people, losing sight of herself and her needs in the process. She is most often so agreeable, that when she does take a strong stand, she can be accused of being contrary for its own sake. It’s just one of the levels on which Libra can be misunderstood. The High Priestess spoke in gibberish, which was up to others to interpret. Likewise, Libra can keep people guessing by offering a plethora of possible answers to any one question and a salad of would-be solutions to any single problem. Glinda, you will note, didn’t just say “click your heels” as an instant remedy; rather she said follow that road which would inevitably split into a spray of would be paths. Though you wouldn’t accuse her of being indecisive, per se, as you might the the Libran male, Libra woman can inspire a kind of vacillation in others. And she does jump around, taking on different paths, herself, on a fairly steady basis. She doesn’t seem a dilletante like Libra man, who wears too many hats at once; rather she reinvents fairly constantly, committing for a time, completely, to the one path she’s set upon; while her loved ones learn not to be surprised if, they next time they speak, she’s on a completely different trip.

The one constant, and the one word that best defines the Libra woman, in a word, is style. Not a follower of fashion or other design trends, Libra exudes a personal aesthetic sensibility that inimitable. If strolling through a crowded fleamarket, say, she has a natural eye for spotting hidden, often quirky treasures, that might otherwise go unnoticed. Likewise, she assembles a wardrobe without breaking any banks but nontheless enables her to dress to kill on a daily basis. Seemingly superficial, these talents add up to something resonant: She is forever in the process of endowing herself and her environment with tangible representation of her surpassing taste, which has a powerful effect on her psyche, her confidence, and her sense of identity and well-being. Her ability to visibly and vividly design herself, her surroundings and indeed her lifestyle is a spiritual expression of auto-validation. She can see her tastes and principles reflected in everything she touches, making very real her concepts for living. It’s a slow motion process of waving a wand, snapping her finger, or wriggling her nose to make manifest that which she desires. TK


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