Pisces 25° (March 16)


Yesterday was one of the truly “off” days I ever remember having in my professional life. It was indulgent but I stayed an extra day in the hotel and took myself for a fattening lunch at my favorite Boston local and sat at the bar and ate and drank pints and chatted with the other fellows that seemed to be in the same mind and mood. It was a fabulous Friday feeling and just a great way to let go of a bit of winter—the weather was an warm and springy oasis in this long lingering winter. I consider myself to be very generous when it comes to other folks, but I’m not sure how generous I am with myself. I actually get pangs of guilt when I offer myself the slightest bit of luxury and yet I’m always happy to luxuriate outhers as best I can—not to say it’s something I’ve been able to do with any kind of regularity over the last several years. A day off in Boston doing nothing in the chilly weather feels like playing hooky for sure. But it was fun to just come back to the hotel and let it all go. I phoned down to the restaurant and asked them to cal me when a place opened up in the corner of the bar and then fell into a nap so deep that the phone must have rang several times before I even heard it and I couldn’t get my body to move to it quick enough before the host gave up. I called back and was directed to come down in fifteen minutes.

When I got there the host’s face was wearing an apology as the two female occupants of the corner where I was to sit had not paid there bill but were outside smoking, presumably. They literally stumbled back in. My feeling was that one of the women, the far drunker of the two, was not quite an out lesbian while her cohort was attempting to push her out of the closet—then again I do have a very (over-) active imagination. They finally left and I slid into place and I noticed this slightly older couple, both silver haired but very youthful, sitting and sipping a bottle of wine the color of which told me it was very good, even from afar. I inquired after it and sure enough it was a very pricey, organic boutielle and my friend the manager had to tell me it was the last one in house. This day was not meant to be about such indulgence but I thought what the ef and settled in for a long evening of slowly sipping nectar while plates of Asian ambrosia were placed in front of me. The place got so packed that I couldn’t get the bartender’s attention when it was time to leave so I just filled my glass and headed out somewhere thinking it will sort itself out (the bill) in the morning. Which it did. They had added a pretty generous tip to the bill which was only semi annoying. I wasn’t necessarily planning on tipping at such a large percentage on the wine specifically. But there it was. And here I am now with the uncomfortable feeling of having tipped into avoidable gluttony, which is taking on a life of its own in various forms.

As I say I feel guilty spluging on myself so to offset the feeling I decided to spend even more, suggesting that instead of being picked up and taken home that we two now spend yet another night and semi replicate the experience. As if this was going to make me feel more balanced. It didn’t but it certainly was fun. There is no denying that. And so a slightly chillier day and a little lazy lunch where I ate a quiche for the first time since 1978 (it was delicious) and I actually spent a second afternoon in a row napping. I called down to the host once again and they have an early rezzie they can give us so down we go. I will most likely order the exact same thing as yesterday—you can psychoanalyze this anyway you want but it’s the truth. We couldn’t have the same wine of course but managed. It was barely dark by the time we finished our meal and headed upstairs, with a dessert to go, where the decadence continued in the form of ordering Mary Poppins Returns on DVR or whatever you call it. I will soon be snoring my head off.


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