Pisces 24° (March 15)


Last night we had a show in Cambridge, that’s all I’m going to say about that. I definitely need to step up my oversight of what people will be performing before they do it. Not doing so has resulted in some iffy experiences this year for sure. I am hard pressed to write in some fifteen minute intervals and to use speed as a prime mover here. First we had a Pisces client on this day which is the day of my Pisces mother’s birth. She was quite the character is all I can say. Well it isn’t actually all I can say—rather it’s all I want to say. She remains among the top two people I’ve ever known

I’m going to finish up the Refinery 29 work and see where it goes.

Libra are artistic when it comes to sex. They focus on their talents as lovers and their skills in pleasing partners. For them it’s more about what they bring to the table than what they get. Though they are rather unemotional, they are the most relationship oriented of the signs and tend to mate for life (or try to).

Scorpio, despite their reputation, are not the most unabashedly sexual of the signs. They are most intent on making a deep and meaningful bond. They are naturally seductive, and might utilize their sexuality (inviting others to please them as opposed to vice versa) as a way of locking down a bond with their objects of desire.

Sagittarius surely has the most heightened sense of sex and their own sexuality. It looms large in their experience. They are unabashed in the expression of their desires and more easily break with traditional codes and mores. For them more is more, however you might interpret that.

Capricorn people are the prime movers in their relationships and they partner with creative types who provide inspiration. They are on the whole reserved and find anything beyond a primal sexual connection to be so much bells and whistles. If it goes there, they are into domination.

Aquarius are the least emotionally invested characters in the Zodiac; which is why they have a reputation of being edgy or even freaky. Maybe because Aquarians can be so etherial by nature, they are attracted to decidedly earthy types with a more gritty appeal.

Pisces are a mixed bag, sexually. Pisces woman is drawn to powerful types who might be going places, and they revel in a little binary role play. Pisces men, as prim and proper as they might appear, are attracted to experienced women (even with a past) who know their way around the sexual neighborhood.

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