Pisces 23° (March 14)


Drove into Boston this morning and dropped S. in Cambridge. Had a generally relaxing day. Corresponded with Brad on some things. Afternoon in room, resting and then we walked to Cambridge. Dinner at Waypoint was fairly lousy I’d say. I got an email from a journalist at Refinery 29 asking for stuff. I wrote the following:

Aries of both sexes tend to be the most objectifying of the sun signs. That is to say that they let their libido do the talking. And if someone strikes their fancy they like to be the one in pursuit. They aren’t necessarily relationship focused. They are most primarily in touch with their libido and where it points them.

Taurus are pretty much the opposite (of Aries). Taurus of both sexes like to be pursued, desired, treasured even. Taurus is attracted by guileless beauty and often partner with people younger than themselves. They are serial monogamists, often having a series of meaningful if short-lived bonds. They go where the love is.

Gemini are looking for fun when it comes to sex. They enjoy courtship rituals and revel in the bells and whistles of relationships.  Light and lively is their motto. They are experimental sexually but not necessarily kinky. When they bond it’s for life. They enjoy open relationships that can allow for some serendipity.

Cancerians are in it for the feels. Sex tends to be loaded for them. They are looking for something emotionally (and otherwise) deep. That said they are the least squeamish, more game characters on the astrological block. They like to explore deeply with a set partner.

Leo men are super vanilla as a rule, drawn to natural beauties. Leo women are magnetized by flashy, passionate types. Leos of both sexes pride themselves on their sexual prowess and primal proclivities which are typically devoid of anything overly psychological.

Virgos are the role-players of the Zodiac, given to more psychological sexual scenarios. Virgo women may embrace a fully submissive stance,  while men of the sign flirt with the idea. Virgos are voyeurs and are more prone to engage in group scenarios than most signs.


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