Sagittarius 14° (December 7)


Finished script and getting songs and text in my body. To be honest I’m in a crunchy time where I’m doubting myself again. I try to be so optimistic and believe that each day will be different (not to mention each year) but I can’t help feeling I’m living the definition of insanity. I think because I crammed as a kid studying I tend to repeat that behavior, always playing chicken with myself to a certain degree. I can only hope that I have nipped this in the bud enough before we set off on a two week journey. I’m curious to know what the timeline will be with all that we have rolling in (and planning to roll out); but as I’m intimating here I truly do need to keep my head screwed on ultra tight. It takes discipline and it takes being somewhat kinder to myself than I typically am this time of year. I don’t know what kind of effect the larger backdrop of worldwide dysfuction—Brexit, Trumpworld, Paris riots—is having on all of us, myself included.

It’s hard to be funny right now I guess is what I’m saying. I’m not feeling inspired to write jokes at this juncture that’s for sure. I’m so grateful for the ability, nay the luxury, to even be typing this. Tomorrow I will have some time alone and I think it’s probably a good thing, so I can plow through some organizational things and even just get some plain ol’ cleaning of house underway. The day started out weird in that I lost my readers. They just disappeared. I thought I brought them with me to the store (so as to see) but when I got to my destination I didn’t have them. I figured I left them at home but no. So I am now wearing broken glasses which will make working rather challenging over the next several days between now and when my new glasses (I just ordered) arrive.

We had a short rehearsal today and I could feel exhaustion starting to move in on me. I actually skipped dinner which I had actually cooked. So I will make some fishcakes from the cod and potatoes I cooked. It is a boring post today but I’m feeling rather thinned out. I know I can regain my energy and strength this weekend if I can just take a little break. I am totes dedicated to killing it for the rest of 2018. There is plenty on our plate still to complete in the next twenty some odd days. Can do.

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