Taurus 6° (April 26)


Back when she took issue with misogynist oppressors

Back When She Took Issues With Misogynistic Oppressors


Thursdays always feel a bit steely. Maybe it’s that Thor’s day thing, Jupiter and his lightning bolts. Thursday is a bit like wearing tight shoes. You know there is a reward for really pulling out this corner of the week, hopefully setting Friday up to feel like it should, one to kick off early. Of course, on Fridays, I kick off early to clean the entire house and cook ahead for the weekend.

We had two clients today, a Libra and a Sagittarius client from opposite ends of the world. It was a power couple of clients today actually, but not literally, the most currently overused word in our world today. All feels like ascension on this day, not an easy one but not overly hard won.

We will dip into Provincetown and putz around. Someone once said that life is a paradise for people with passions, I’m paraphrasing. By this time I am happy to be having pasta. I actually made linguine clam sauce yesterday, which I failed to mention, so this night, in pasta craving aftermath, it will be gluten-free chickpea pasta with red onion and anchovy and parsely. Food is an essential character in my life in case you didn’t know. We have a new cookbook from Sofra that I”m really excited about. I am going to blow through the remainder of my work day and sit down and read it.

So many wonderful things are going on right now. The expansive Jupiter energy also does tend to permeate a Thursday. And then there’s Ru Paul so quickly. I know people like to run down Drag Race but I still find it terribly relaxing. If I’m going to watch a Scorpio Queen of Television I’m going to watch RuPaul not Roseanne.


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