Scorpio 29° (November 22)


This should be a different kind of Thanksgiving. We will eat in a restaurant which I’m all for. We will overspend but it will be worth it. We don’t actually host these holidays but we always end up doing the lion share of the work while others either don’t help at all or become so overwhelmed by the prospect of cooking a bird or making a gravy that they have to take to their sick beds. I exaggerate (sorta). It really is terribly silly. Anyway we went to this sort of pricey suburban “industrial style” restaurant called the Bankcroft which is across from the residences where folks from the Little Women remake are staying. Coincidentally conversation turned to fact that the film’s director is staying in one of the houses in Corcord that the parents of a classmate of G.’s owns Emma Watson is on that film and you know we love us some Emma Watson. One of the associate producers at A.R.T. I’ve been working with for four years on our Afterglow at Oberon series is called Emma Watts. Not for nothing—as people used to say in the eighties in NYC. I had a steak not turkey and a chocolaty dessert. I unfortunately revisited the clam dip with Fritos I had sampled at the house prior to Thanksgiving lunch again upon returning. That has been the gift that keeps on giving. And of course wine and pumpkin pie and coffee. With all that it still is bread that is the true debunker of my dietary prowess. Sometimes it’s not the what it’s all about dazzling them with the how.

Or at least that’s what I’d like to tell myself. I should like to be thankful this year for the great Gift I believe is coming my way and for the ability to make some upgrades to lifestyle while working really hard to make the Project work with some back up irons on the fire for extra support. We worked out our rehearsal plan and now I have to get on the promotion. But, to be fair, I’m still working out some kinks on the script and these things can’r really be rushed, capisce. I’m just going to give over to the haze of these days because I can’t think of any better way of negotiating them. I am silently sneaking in. I will put out about ten asks for festival in January and then again in February and then I’ll get contracts in and booked. This way I can get all the graphics up and running. I’m not sure what my color scheme will be this year but I’m hoping maybe we can revisit navy and do like a navy greige red kind of 18th century seabattle painting sort of release as color story. The return of the revolutionary war. Art is a Revolutionary War. Something like that. I must be the best ambassador for all that sort of thing which again: Reduction.

Our first house was build in 1805 and I’m kind of fixated on that year. I don’t know why. It’s the Battle of Trafalgar, the end of the use of the French (Julian) calendar. And the year Lewis and Clark get to where they want to go. I think about what might have been going on here. What magic the world still had left to reveal and what unfolding of story might occur in the wonder of all these thoughts. Turkeys in Harvard Square.


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