Scorpio 16° (November 9)

Right now there is nothing to see here which is just fine really. But I can do something to beef it up. I am currently in the process of cutting losses on posts, here, keeping a separate list of where (like here) I’ll want to go back. Not just for volume sake; but because I do want to match my many thoughts and ideas to the actual day at hand, as it’s happening. If all were right with the world I would write and post this every day in the five to seven hour. Another thing I really like about living in London and Paris are the hours I tend to keep there. In America, I feel I live like a child, eating dinner as any child would at six o’clock with his family. Which is really silly. And I’m in my fifties, well into them. I can’t afford to act or live like a child anymore. I am ready for my close-up. Everyone is dead and more people are joining them. More people are dead than they are alive.

How to reevaluate my feelings of disconnectedness. I suppose it doesn’t help any that a certain rat fink found his way into a world I had opened up to him while throwing me under the bus in the process. Or trying to. Nobody can really throw you under the bus if you don’t let them. That is just mere illusion actually. Anyway, today, I am determined to stay the course and knock things off my list one by one. That is what is called for here today and that’s what I’m going to do. To that end, one more shot of double duty on this grant work.


This year we planned to take more loss at the box office (while still give visiting sponsors multiple passes) in presenting a majority of artists who had never been to Provincetown So though ticket sales can be a measure of success, sometimes it is measured more in execution of our creative mission. We successfully fundraised so to do this. Success comes from revisiting showgoers who trust our curation. Success is measured by further increase in press coverage and by an uptick in local audience. More grants and sponsorships spell success: The Nelson Trust and the Mass Cultural Council continued their support along with successful artists and entertainment figures like Jim Hodges, Ken Fulk, Alan Poul, Dan Minahan and David Bowd & Kevin O’Shea. Success is more international artists seeking participation; Success is in the growth of subscribers and in the expansion of social media. Success mainly derives from supporters, far and wide, visiting Provincetown expressly during festival week.

NOT USED To date, the festival has brought to Provincetown upwards of 80 artists, many of whom have become beloved fixtures. Though returning artists command bigger sold-out houses, the festival mission is dedicated to presenting new artists and acts never before seen in Provincetown.            …success this year was marked by our ability to foster this roster of new talent to Provincetown. Success also stemmed from an increase in Sponsors (complimentary passholders) who are not reflected in box office sales. And this year, for a small donation, we offered festival “Sparklers” pairs of half-price tickets, instead of just single tickets in the past.

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