Scorpio 17° (November 10)


Scorpio 17° (November 10)


I’m a human to-do list on this day.









Map Out Cosmic Blague, Log Petty Cash and Fill in Journal Simultaneously.

Bring Tux Shirt to Boston

Tech Day: Facebook on Phone, Instagram on Phone, Spotify on Phone,

Schedule finishing AC and decide on schedule for Nextgy

Schedule basement work

Dry Cleaning and Alterations

Outline/breakdown notes from Ira, Zoe and Richard

Outline all the Blagues from Then to Now

Re-work the Agent list

Chat with Mark Lunsford about Dates

Update Petty Cash

Write to people who didn’t give to appeal to their last minute giving

Write Note to Would be Sponsors About Getting 4 month jump

Update In/Out

Set up PodCast for March.

Forgive yourself.

Event planner list.

Magazine editor list for January 2019

Paris consultation. Start for January 2019

Finish PC andCatch Up on Blagues

Read Lynne’s Paper

 Finish MCC Grant

Run down list of all AF peeps and send gifts

Put Together Wish List of Roster for Festivals

Revisit the Brian King concept

Start going through and making changes to the AF site

Create a sort of Brand Book of what to do under the Wheel Aegis

Revisit the concept of what can be fodder for new book ideas and what can be published without permission/out of print

Make S+C Website more active and commercially viable

Go through lists of Ideas for monetizing

Imagine the Paris consultancy

Compose Letter to JVB and other biggies

List of all New England venues

List of Area Magazines (Boston Mag) That want to do a story on me/us

List of Magazines that want to do a story on S + C

Compose Letter re Afterglow and it’s achievements for early donations

Things to Wrap Your Brain Around

HA Books We are only working on justifying a sign’s 2018 horoscope with their 2017 one. Thats it. There are about 23 blocks of text to do per day. Trick is to do as many early in the day as possible. Like 5-7. Then again before dinner. Make it mindless busy work.

Blague should be written either in bed before waking fully or after yoga, recording all the thoughts that spring up. Right now we should be focusing on “bits” a bit. What I did on my summer vacation. I have some notes to record here I’m keeping stock of.

Art House Talk to Mark Cortale about Town Hall benefits.

Real Estate: censored

Sextrology. To be read in two directions.

The Sparklers have been sent save the dates. Now they get the actual invite. We need to make a comprehensive list of who then still needs that. Color code on the Operating Budget. Then Send to people via the FB Share of the Invite. Keep growing master list of would-be Sparklers. Take stock of Missionaries and do the same. This is building audience.

I’m going to admit it. I’m the smartest person I know. I have felt that way since my early memory, I can’t quite put into words, but I see: a walk from our Jersey City apartment to the FoodFair half a block upstreet. I’m in my usual silouette as a two-year-old, short pants, wool flannel “suit” paired with fitted blazer, some later fetish of cotton shirt, Peter Pan collar and/or sweater (sweater: said in an American accent, highly exaggerated) or jumper (which is that thing you wear in the house with food stairs having won out over fabric for territory).

We have to go back to speaking directly to the (perp I mean) person, (although perpson best defines it.), okay, the “reader.” The thing is I have a lot to say, as an individual.

Sagittarians want to make things more than what they are. Nothing wrong with that.

And the turkeys are not unapologetic. They’re like kids to whom you want to say “don’t wander into the road,” who roll their eyes and say nothing.

Local Comedian
(with cosmic overtones)

So therefore

thank you

I get

But I’m also putting down some thoughts for the show about Aries. Like how this is spirit made flesh. Aries is the most spirited, if not spiritual, person but at the same time the most animal. First house is that of the physical body. Aries are lusty. Athena god of helmsmen.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree of the Sabian Symbol may be higher than the one listed here  as the symbols cluminate in the next degree. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 days.

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