Libra 15° (October 8)

There is something very satisfying about getting caught up, after the fall out of summer and as the new series at Oberon kicks off this week, which I’m really looking forward to. We have Tori Scott on Thursday and I’ve replaced the errant Illustrious Blacks with Desiree Burch. Only a matter of time before I screw up and say Tori Burch. Which would be more excusable than saying Thory Burch. It will nearly be twelve years ago, this winter, that our original jewelry collection got the rug pulled out from under it by those terrible, terrible people. I find that they same characters, in life, who cling like crazy, spending nearly every waking hour with you; these are the same people that will turn on a dime or do a disappearing act. I’m very interested in working on songs, starting tomorrow which should be quite exciting. I like the singer of Screaming Females—I think she has a similar quality to his voice as Bryan Ferry.

One of the things I def need to do on Wednesday is focus on a beefed up list of venues. I can also play around with this on Thursday when I will have the whole day to myself. I look forward to feeling totally at one with my schedule and with my creativity. Making headway on finances first thing; and secondly reviewing the lawyers notes are what are most pressingly on the agenda. The house needs a deep clean the basement needs to be vacuumed yoga must start again and I am back on keto. Everything is fine there is truly nothing to worry about.

I want to tell Brian that spending many hours this week getting my brain around the reality and enormity of this project which necessarily includes adminstrative work associated with continually fulfilling the stipulations and requirements of the grant in addition to the booking and more creative bits. I think what I needed to do was just explore every nook and cranny of the requirements entailed and to begin making drafts and projections such that me might only have to tweak as we create an engine for moving this project along. These include final report narratives, agreement letters, thank you letters to legislature, a workable budget, a timeline and an extensive venue-outreach list. I had a bit of a mini meltdown when I realized how many hoops there will be to jump through, the largest of which is understanding what’s what (how we didn’t know that venues had to apply to NEFA themselves???? that was a big chunk of missing information!). But I’ve managed to spend the last three days focussed on bundling all these bits and bobs, making major inroads on them, and drafting any documentation that will need final version for submission/mailing etc.

I am also cultivating a giant Excel sheet of venues and will collect phone numbers and email addresses for each of the places located throughout the New England states. We will include way more many venues than we need and then go after spaces more surgically. I must plan trip through Vermont on the way up to Montreal and back through Maine on the return. I did read the script of Gravitational Fool and feel that we can add in some more jokes and really make the characters that much more different, one from another, the bits with the talkbacks at the end feel awkward. I feel like we should be coming to some crescendo, maybe we have to go into more an ecstatic mode? Liken the hanged man to a cocoon for our own metaphysical transformation?

I’m guessing the smartest thing to do each day is to write the astrological stuff and to stay off social media. I can keep a Blague narrative page handy to act as more of a record than a safe space for musing these next few days. I have to go so deep and be all about it.


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