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Sunday. I’m revisiting an old idea. Here is a sample of what I’ve been thinking:


Waking up on this morning is like happening into a work-in-progress, which also characterizes those individuals born on this day. There is an element of happy surprise now in realizing how far along plans and projects actually are; just as we sense a cozy security in knowing that achievement is had slowly, thoroughly, without the anxiety of haste. Today, we feel all shall end well, on a self-satisfied note, spent either in jovial company or in more desired solitude, inwardly gazing as events dissolve into night. Rhea Cronos, Old Mother Time, rules this day, stretching her sense of everlast over its frame. There will be obstacles, if only to illustrate how readily they can be removed. Those born this day may feel thwarted from, even robbed of, nay spared, a conventional course of life experience; they are, in sacrifice of so-called normalcy, being shepherded in an extraordinary direction. This Capricorn day is equal parts careful and capricious. We seek to engage in productive activity, without over achieving; indeed we have the confidence of imperfection, an aristocratic ease and the guilelessness of those whom others only erroneously presume possess airs. The tactile is paramount on this day, a need to commune with the nobility of nature and show it deference. We sense and acknowledge the present, momentous power of what lies beyond the loose protection of our conscious minds. The day invites nourishing intrusion, mostly in the form of serendipitous happenstance. The steady assurance of low light and distant cloud blankets the soul like a swaddled babe. We deliciously strain against the confines of our own perceptions, safe in their sane protection. The limit of our consciousness feels a blissful thing onto itself, a mixed membrane of the familiar and the vastly unknown, this two-part blend of ingredients making each the more delectable. We feel the texture of this day beckoning as do the long contoured ridges of fresh pale cut applewood. Reaching out to touch it, even its coarseness provides reassurance. We will not waste the graces of this day. We will utilize them in full appreciation, counting our blessings, without compulsion for saving, only savoring, our every boon and bounty. People born on this day embrace quality over quantity—they are abundance conscious, highly aspirational, choosey and sparing. A default sense of sacrifice making the most meager indulgence all the sweeter characterizes the spirit of this point in our journey around the Sun. Bright quince ripening in a cold blue-grey bowl. Today we are asked to see the exotic beauty inherent in the presumed bland. Our powers of discernment, natives of this day realize, are key to achieving desired goals. We can see obstacles before us, or the building blocks for assembling our dreams. People born today are expert at visualizing the entire path of their long journey to fulfilling their destiny. We are all this day suffused with the understanding that there is an art to living, the technique of which lies in disciplining the mind to see the upside, the solutions, in every situation. Natives of this day show us, by example, that the act of living is the purest of all creative processes. Today’s native comports herself regally, using the obstacles in her path for fuel to reach ever further than even she originally anticipated. This day reminds us that life might be allowed to exceed our expectations. People born on this day are rarely disappointed, for they project realistic expectations, living frugally on the surprises that the universe (heeding their humble mindset) blissfully springs on them. They are subtle creatures, never showy, typically cloaked in elegant greys, browns, maroon and black, the color of renunciation. They seek to absorb, negate negativity itself, picking up real as well as karmic and energetic slack, clearing the decks, preparing the way for goodness to find them, while never taking on too much so they might be needy of extra help. They tend to take up a surplus of responsibility so that their loved ones might have a lighter, breezier aspect. This can see them being taken advantage of by those who don’t recognize the quiet, constant spiritual sacrifice that this Capricorn soul devotionally makes—this can result in their being scapegoated or overlooked by the obtuse who mistake their humble nature for a self-effacing one. On the other hand, the person born this day can have their surpassing self-esteem taken for a snobbish, haughty nature. Wrong on both counts. Just as this day stretches out forever, time seeming to move more slowly than usual, so too, is its native the proverbial tortoise who paces himself for the long haul, ultimately winning the day, yes, but having a thorough experience of life. This day is to be lived on its own terms—one shouldn’t seek to alter ones experience of it, neither through substances that warp perception nor via the imposition of drama or dysfunctional behavior. People born this day are preoccupied with the notion of being clean livers, regardless of where they fall on that spectrum; they are sober by nature, and unlikely to manufacture drama or manipulate others in any fashion. They thrive without crutches or artificial stimulation. This day’s native goes beyond living in the moment; she glimpses eternity within it. There is no rush today. We don’t wish to sidestep any feeling being evoked; even melancholy is sweet now as it accesses even deeper emotions that can be excavated most readily this date. Those born today are dark and wintry nights. They may be foreboding but inspire a need for warmth and joviality, for close companionship, cheer, upliftment and illumination. On this day, we take a page from its natives’ book, and build a fire in which we, virtually, through visualization, ritually burn all vestiges of a past in so-called ruin that no longer serve, but rather bind, us. As the third and final earth sign, Capricorn represents Mother Nature in her crone (from Rhea Cronus) or dying aspect. The Capricorn motto, “I use” is best applied, here, to what we characterize as dead wood in our experience, which may be used to fuel the fire of our being in which we are purified—our trials and tribulations forge us into more whole and perfect stuff. In this fire we burn our own defects, the only real impediments to our happiness, and thus become a burning beacon to attract future hopes and wishes. This is an ongoing process reignited on this day which reminds us: We have both all the time in the world and not a moment to lose. Today provides us desired pause to process all that has led us to this point on our journey around the cosmic wheel, so that each of us may go forth as our more essential Self, carrying no excess but for increased light and wisdom.

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree of the Sabian Symbol may be higher than the one listed here  as the symbols culminate in the next degree. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 days. 


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