Taurus 21° (May 11)



On this day, which would be a happy one, wherein our dear friend Matt was to marry his boyfriend Gilbert, we jumped in the car quite early and drove from Wellfleet to Greenpoint which I love even more than I have in the past. It was quite a nice trip and we got our head(s) together in the sense that we distilled what it is we were doing in such a way as not to require any outside help. Every once in a while it’s important to get as much a grip as one can on these things. I won’t say that my theme has deviated much as of late and I am determined not to continue down this actual rabbit hole. All of this sort of nonesense will soon come to an end. Anyway we stayed at this hotel that was okay. We were in a large suite in the basement the first night but it wasn’t very relaxing.

The party was fun and it was great to see Taylor and Vivian and Machine and Rachelle and other folks we haven’t seen in a while. Rizo was there too. As was her very pleasant baby daddy. Charming folks in all. And we danced and drank wine and chatted. I got to meet Carmine and Adrienne whom I’d really not met before. And Amber DJ’d. Part of me wondered why it is I don’t spend more time in NYC since I had built a life there for twenty years and so many folks I know are there. But that is one of the age old questions to which there is no simple answer.

The simple answer to any question always comes down to two things: diet and self love as ere the twain shall meet. I did manage to take a nice walk and a bunch of fun pictures and find a “blouse” to wear which would shatter the illusion that I’m not a big fat porker. Okay, maybe I’m not a big fat porker but I play one on a podcast (if I were to do a podcast) which isn’t on the list, really. I’m determined to break the spell or curse or whatever it is that is keeping me down.

Vivian has invited us to come and see her show at Joe’s Pub. I believe we shall see if it’s possible to do so.

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