Sagittarius 11° (December 4)

It’s probably a good thing to have one’s Blague entry written before nine a.m.; though today I am getting a slower start than usual. I have to really put all the pieces together today. You know how sometimes the through lines and check list points seems so clear; and then almost the next instant things feel a jumble and a swirl. I definitely need to emerge with a clearer perspective today, one hinged on the fact that I won’t be able to hit every mark but I must jump in anyway. I won’t bore you with the details of what needs to happen today to successfully get things well on track. But ’twill be a lot. The trick is always checking the things you want to do least off the list and not to productonate, as I call it. Just looking back at the Blagues over this past month—it’s a combination to-do list and a rummaging through of feelings which of late have been outsized and swirling. (I will thus title today’s piece with that).

So the busy boring stuff will include a dump run, food preparation, putting together a list of calls and emails and orders needing making. I will distract myself with correspondence. From December 15 I will do the Annual Fortnight of Final Fundraising. Peepers, Chloe (only I know what that means. I have this Excel sheet in my mind and I know I have the charm to launch an effective offensive. Everything nice and slow, let Saturn be exalted in Libra; helpful as Libras can jump from thing to thing. I digress. Today will be Tetchy Tuesday too because we are getting into actual rehearsals now these next two weeks out which is plenty of time for a piece like ours.

Apollo. A little too pretty. A little to ethereal. Lofty. The liberal of the Zodiac. The coastal democrat. The debate. That is Libra. Two sides. Balance. And yes also tension. The winds. Movements. Feeling the pain of others and seeking to champion them. Identifying with the other. And if you do this you see the downtrodden. Gandhi, Lech Welesa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Judge Judy. Libra wants to see wrongs righted, but it requires identifying them without getting lost in the mess, the mire of just how much injustice there is. Disappointment is the sign’s shadow side after all.

Gemini the pluck. Ironic since there is bird energy. Our thoughts can go from Heaven to Hell. Angel Devil. Earthly Divine. Mortal Immortal. Gemini: Poppy Bush constant letter writers. Norman Vincent Peale. There is so much to say that I could fill a book.

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