Sagittarius 12° (December 5)


I really want to look upon so-called setbacks or, what, rejections, even, as opportunities. I would like to illustrate to myself that things can be righted. These things might include relationships. Actually now that I come to think about it everything is relationships. If I want to activate different parts of our business, for instance, it really does come back to what relationship I have with that certain sector. Interesting the thoughts that occur to you in the process of writing about them. I think Christopher Reeve’s quote about Hope and Possibility is terrifically true. Oh and I have to prove to myself that I can do the solo thing in the midst of the tandem, a terrible challenge to the Libra; but at least I have youth and beauty on my side, ha ha. It’s like a tell people. Don’t lament procrastination just live longer.

At some point I have to become my own archivest. That is a crucial thought. I also have such such such a wealth of new astrological ideas that another book is inevitable. I have to gather all I have done in order to do what I will do. I’ve been doing it all along in that light. I am referring to the Blague alone; never mind everything else I’ve ever written in notebooks into documents buried in folders. Anyway, if we can make this new venture work out of the gate (which I’m determined to do) then I know I will have the luxury of time. Meanwhile there are things on my reclamation list—tennis, skiing, yoga, guitar, voice lessons—that I’m determined to explore ongoingly—upcoming jewelry course for starters—that I want to relax into in what I hope will be a banner year ahead. We have to get out from under all this global bullshit, unscathed. Here is praying that will happen.

Today will forever go down as the day when we started to figure out the product line. We now have a framework that will free us to create, within and without it, now and later. I didn’t know I was waiting for a breakthrough of sorts here but wow is it ever welcome. It makes me realize what work we can do while waiting on things we can’t control. I also have such a clear idea now of what to tell a designer and I see it very visually, almost, the whole thing, like wallpaper which makes me feel very excited, inspired. Ah yes inspired was one of the words I wanted to add to a page of writing somewhere instead of another word I have in its place.

 I will get to the piano today which is good. Then Matt will have everything he’ll need, music direction wise, for the next fortnight. I need tell him that attached are links to songs and a Score document that has screenshots of chords/tabs I saw online in order. And here are some thoughts. Star of Wonder: that the first song has option of tempo change. Catch the Wind doesn’t sound like the only key I see it in anywhere on line (I know sometimes recording can do that). Happy to do as per Score doc but have a listen. We could consider guitar here. The recording of 3rd song seems to match the chords in the Score doc. I think works for S + me. Cool Change recording also matches Score doc. In simple terms in chorus, S + I have chosen a thirds-ish harmony you can maybe add your voice to? Winter score also matches the recording. I think ok for me. Two Thousand Mile: You have no changes. This Mess We’re In TK. Key seems okay for us. Jill of All Trades recording seems to match Score doc. Think key ok for S. Wind Cries Mary/Think It’s Going to Rain same. Fairy Tale: same. Don’t Give Up (help me): same. The Secret O’ Life, S. is singing but it’s not in the right key. I would say that if you wanted to make any piano recordings of songs for us to practice with the priorities might be Bigmouth Strikes Again, Secret O’Life and maybe a snippet of This Mess We’re In.

I think I have more than I need now. Thanks.


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